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sweet and crunchy candied nuts

One of my favorite pizza places in New Haven carries this amazingly incredible salad with mixed greens, dried berries, crumbled bleu cheese, and these sweet, crunchy, heavenly candied nuts. I have always wanted to try them out at home to change up our salad game and last night I did! They were so delicious that John has requested we always keep them in the house, plus, they kept the kitchen smelling sweet and nutty all night long! Here’s my recipe for Candied Nuts.


Candied Mixed Nuts

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sweet and salty orecchiette with olives, almonds, and ricotta

I’m always looking for new pasta dishes since they are usually inexpensive and filling for a family of four! This recipe from October’s Real Simple uses one of my favorite tricks/techniques for white sauce; using some of the starchy cooking water to bind ingredients. I love this tip and it’s one you will get a ton of use out of! Green olives mixed with nutty almonds give this dish its title of Sweet and Salty Orecchiette with Olives, Almonds, and Ricotta.

Orcheitte with olives, almonds, and ricotta

Orecchiette with olives, almonds, and ricotta

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Stephanie’s Not-so-Sinful Snow Day Granola


Now I know we are all sick of the New England snow days but let’s face it, it’s only February and according to Punxsutawney Phil, we still have six more weeks of cold and shoveling to face. So why not warm the house by turning on the oven and slow baking some homemade granola? Continue reading