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not your usual corned beef and cabbage

While Saint Patrick’s Day is traditionally celebrated with lamb or pig in Ireland, Irish Americans have been cooking up this more familiar plate for almost 200 years. With corned beef being the neighborhoods flavorful meat, it was easy to splurge on when paired with the inexpensive tastes of their homeland such as potatoes and cabbage. (For more history, check out this Smithsonian article, “Is Corned Beef Really Irish?”)

For years I have been sticking my corned beef and vegetables into a pot or slow cooker which did the trick but left all the flavors, well, bland. This year I took a tip from The Pioneer Woman and slow roasted. It was by far the most savory Saint Patrick’s meal I’ve even made with sweet caramelization on the veggies and the perfect amount of salt on an otherwise tough cut of meat. This combined with a low and slow cooking method left for a brisket that even my toddler could chomp his teeth into! Here’s my newly dubbed favorite Slow Roasted Corned Beef and Cabbage.


Adding color and roasting deepens flavor in a traditionally mono-flavored St. Patty’s Day favorite!


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stuffed acorn squash

The weather is cool, the leaves are gone, and gourds are everywhere! While I love a spaghetti squash for dinner, my hubby needs a bit more substance than that 🙂 Here’s a recipe that combines the best of both worlds. The sweet roasted squash remains the star while brown rice and sausage “beef” it up a bit. Here’s the recipe for Stuffed Acorn Squash.


One squash meal

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what-to-do-with-those-leftover-potatoes fish cakes

Thanksgiving was wonderful. You pulled off a fantastic meal without any terrible catastrophe but now your stuck with piles of leftovers! Other than live on turkey sandwiches for the next three days, here’s a recipe that will chip away at all those mashed potatoes. Try these Fish Cakes for a turkey-free Thanksgiving leftover “mash” up 🙂


Fish Cakes


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compost cookies: a quick treat from leftover halloween candy

Oh the sweetest things! Halloween has come and gone and all that remains of that frightful night are the mounds of candy sitting in my kitchen. What better way to “recycle” those leftovers then by mixing them together and baking them a la cookie style? Here’s a quick and fun recipe for Compost Cookies.

Compost Cookies

Compost Cookies

Here's an idea for all that leftover candy!

Here’s an idea for all that leftover candy!

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mini meatloaf hauntings

Another creepy Halloween themed dinner in our house tonight! Making “bite sized” meatloaves allowed me to make my little guys dinner first and save the grown-ups portion to be baked later. Homemade mashed potatoes are great as long as you get them to a creamy texture; if you used boxed, I won’t tell! Here’s my festive Mini Meatloaf Hauntings.

Boo-tiful dinner!

Boo-tiful dinner!

A happy haunting :)

A happy haunting 🙂

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